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About Sample Rate...

         The story of the band begins in 2008, when two of its participants Taras Terletsky (vocals/guitars) and Vitaliy Lityagin (keyboards) reformed a well known pop-rock band YakaisnuE (which exist) into more heaviest sound. Thats how the tracks Take Me and The Beat Of Heart where created.
         Not long after SR got a new young Guitar player Paul Ilnytskyy. Before that he played in number of bands in England and Germany. So this new participant came to the band with a huge experience. Paul also became a back vocalist.
         Concerning the name, it was seen by the members of the band on the computer monitor after the electricity fail Shock on the studio the idea was that this name was given by someone high upon!
         The band also gets the bass-guitar Serhiy Yurovych and drums Nazarii Pogorletskyy from the previous pop-rock band, because they had a lot of experience on the stage and studio works.
         Now all the participants started to get ready for the performances. The first show was in 2009 on the Snowiness fest (Ukraine) where was filmed the first life-video.
         But the official presentation was in the 6 of May 2010 in of the larges rock-clubs.
         In a few weeks SR accepted an invitation from American indie labels iUA Music which publishes The Breath album on Amazon, iTunes, Nokia digital store, Napster etc.
         In the next half of the year SR continues to work and signed a contract with Californian Management agency Robert Speed Productions. The thematic of the Sample Rate songs or touching not only the lyrics about love but also military, social and natural problems as well. These are the bands two new singles Battlefield and Desert Of Ice.
         After the terrifying Tsunami in Japan SR releases the single called Tsunami and all the proceeds from this track are donated to Japan's relief efforts. In this song SR prays to God for all the people on the planet Earth. Also non-profit Tsunami video was publishe on YouTube.com for better understanding of the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jLarM0H7g8
         However the time goes on and in the summer of 2011 SR has made many friends with extreme-sport guys. This made Sample Rate to write a new song called Freedom.
         The day when the track was released was the same one when weve got to work with the Deuce Management and Promotion Company from Great Britain. Those guys put Freedom to a lot of Radios in US, GB and Europe.
         Also, In September 2011 SR performed like a guests on the stage of one of the biggest festivals in Europe BYF 2011.
         After return to Ukraine weve recorded a cover of the famous Savage Garden song To The Moon And Back. This is a tribute to a well known band and Sample Rate is the first band that made a cover of this song in Nu-Metal style. You can find a slide show for this song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHNvTvlepW4
         In 2012 Vitaliy Lityagin, Pavlo Ilnytsky had left the band and finished their rock carrier.          But in 2013 heppen one thing that changed everithing! The was filled with new guitarist -- Svyatoslav Zastavny and basist Andriy Snitsarchuk.          Right now we are preparing new tracks for our fans! The newest tracks you can find here on our site.


The Band

Taras Terletsky vocals / guitars/keys/sound-producer

Born in 1982. Founder and permanent ideological inspirer of the band. In 2005, graduated the Lviv National University and got a diploma of a lawyer. Was a free listener in a Music Academy of Lysenko, graduated a music school and now, is a student of a private vocals school. Is a co-author of Sample Rates lyrics and music.

Nazar “Rembo” Pogorletsky drums

In Sample Rate from May 2007. Graduated Lviv Musical school of S.P. Lyudkevicha, studied in a Music Academy of Lysenko as a drummer. Before Sample Rate, played in many bands and orchestras in different genres of music.

& ompany

People which constantly help Sample Rate. These people are not with us on the stage, but every output on this stage can never be without them.

Special thanks to: Terletskiy Bogdan Volodymyrovych, Volodymyr Pankratov, Orysya Shulym, design studio “DeeP” and Roman CheFish, video studio Amadeus, Yuriy Dankevych and Oleg Shmit, Nazar Malyj, Sergij Sokolov.

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Taras Terletsky
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DeeP Design Studio

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